The Ugly Truth, Fight and Make a Good Commitment

Love in relationship is all about sharing and caring between 2 people
who wants to protect each other by making a commitment.

It means, they (both of them) have to discuss what kind of
relationship it is, what should they do and shouldn't do, and respect
each other.
That's what we called a commitment.

Pretty simple, isn't it?

Well, the truth is, to manage and mix and match two heads ain't as
simple as flip your hand up side down.
A stupid single move can ruin the relationship.
But, a wise move will lead you to everlasting love.
It works on date or married situation.

Some couples, are so happy when they start to go steady, and they
promise to stick together no matter what forever.
They do it in the beginning of relationship.
That's great, because they've done the right movement to make a
commitment, stick together.
As the time goes by, people changing, problems appear, they have to
face the flow of relationship.
They have to manage the time for their beloved and their self.

When the first time you hang out, as a couple, you might be think that
someone beside you is the last for you, and you would do anything for
that person because your beloved deserved to get that.
You would act like someone new, just for making your beloved happy.
The person that you were be in the past is over, this is the perfect
time to start over a new life.
Yeah, that's a common knowledge.

The first time you kissed your beloved, that was the second time you
confess your love and you would die for your beloved.

Then, every time you got situation, and you make it up again, that's
the most romantic moment ever.
Got together after the last fight is the hottest moment in your relationship.
In that time, you would beg to your beloved to stay with you and make
new commitment, start over..

Those are the system of a common relationship..

But, I got a deal for you..
I just wanna ask, did you already think that moment, I mean when do
you make a commitment, over and over again?

My point is, when you are in love, it would be hard to you to think
clearly, because your head is full of someone.

Yeah, it sounds ridiculous, but this is the ugly truth.
Shit happens, guys..

When we are in a situation, such as fighting, our mind will remain clearer.
But still, there is a bit of emotional impact inside.

So, it will be easier for us to determine and divide which one is
"pros" and which one is "cons".

The ugly truth, fighting moment could make you wiser and more careful
to make a call of your relationship..

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