Modrus Sense and Wise

One day, 9 years old kid was asked by his friend "why don't you get
angry or revenge when he kicked you?".
The boy said "my parent told me that violence isn't a solution, and
better stay calm".
A 9 years old kid said something wise.

Couple years later, the boy was in a situation. He was blamed and
accuse as someone who broke somebody's glasses, even he did nothing of
He had to replace the glasses with a new one.
He did the replacement stuff.
One day, teacher asked him why did you replace it, and you did nothing?
He said, if I didn't replace it, my friend will get angry to someone
who broke it, because, the one who broke it, didn't wanna replace it
with the new one, and I don't wanna see my friend hate each other,
because my parent said that friendship is important.
How wise he is, don't you think so?

Because of his parent, that boy could say something wise.
They teach him moral of life and sense of socialite.

As the time goes by, when the boy has to face a problem, he will turn
back his memory and try to load a story or lesson from his parent.

Yeah, he can store every sentences of his parent and restore it when he need it.

He always hear a wise words from them.
That thing makes him become wise.

Until one day...
There isn't a wise word from them anymore.

The boy life in unstable condition.
He is pushed by ambition, anger and disappoint.
And above all, he lost his guidance.

It feels like, all of his power is disappear, all of his bones are
break apart and it's all gone now..

Even the parent is still alive and around him, but they are different.

Not sure if he is change and can't receive a wise world anymore, or
the one who really change is the parent.

But for sure, the boy is lost his mind right now.
And his life is ruin, his path is all over the map..

He need them, a parent who feed him with wise words.

He is missing them.

He cries all day long..

He wonders, "am I the one who change? Am I do something wrong? What
should I do to make my mom and dad become like years ago? I miss

Mom and Dad, I miss you so much..
I love you.
I'm so sorry for all of my mistakes, I promise to make you proud of
me, but, please, I need you to be more like you in years ago.

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