my opinion bout this independence day [hate to tell]

independence means nothing...

it just the beginning, not the main purpose or the final standing of a country.
independence is the 1st time to tell the whole of the world that we are real and wanna make a move without considered actions and interventions by the other...

without shouting up and born out, if we can stand and compete with the other, independence mean nothing than useless..

and now, what should we do, then??? --> this is the main point

i tell you, it just the beginning.

[if we celebrate this day, but we can not prove if we can and able to stand in this world yet, for examples corruption and point of crime on high site, too many children who skip school, too many beggar and homeless and so on, i think it looks like " someone who fasting but never do the worship 5 times a day plus sunnah " or likes " someone who wear a tuxedo without any pants ".]

note : you have flapping up your national flag, haven't you??
your neighborhood have flapping up it too, haven't they??
guess what??
no one?
only a few??
or all of them done it??

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6 Responses to “my opinion bout this independence day [hate to tell]”

Anonymous said...


Rossy Harta Perdana said...

host to sobatpenghibur.

yeah mas....

[should we celebrate it?? or we have to cry on it]

rudis said...

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia ke 65

Rossy Harta Perdana said...

host to mas snipertenan

merdeka... (tears)

Xitalho said...

I agree with you, we did not fully independent. The measuring rod is clear: The educational cost, medical expenses and basic material prices are very expensive, while the employment opportunities are very limited.
But as a part of this nation we still have to celebrate our "Independence Day".

Rossy Harta Perdana said...

host to Xitalho

celebrate d'day with this stuff..
we [blogger] are someone who can change the country with our stuff..

i wish the minister will know bout that problem..

education, the most important thing that need to fix up.

without someone who have capability, our nation become nothing..

and the fact is, so many kids skip school because of school cost..

thats tearful tragedy..