How Dare You

I'm afraid when someone is shouting at my mom..
My body is squeezing.

I ain't afraid of something would happen to my mom, but is more like,
I'm afraid if I can't control my self and start to kick someone ass.

I won't let my mom get shouted..

I love my mom.

Minutes ago, I grabbed a glass and run into someone, I would hit that
person, but I didn't.
Didn't know why I stopped my self, and run into my room, I locked the
door and cried.
Then, I called my dad, but I was choked up and not even a single word
came out from my mouth.

In that point, I feel so frustrated.
I'm sick of this situation.

I would tell my dad about it, but I remembered that my mom said "don't
let your dad know about it, let him do his job, don't bother him with
this problem".
So, I just asked my dad about my motor cycle.
I lied, because I had to.

And now, I can't hold it anymore, and I write a note.
That is the only way for me to show my anger.

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