The Pink Memories

I bought it couples years ago..
That was my favorite jacket.
I admired it for long long time and I used to save my money to purchase it.

Well, there is my soul inside, I mean, it was my signature, a man who
wore a pink jacket, yes it was me.

Now, that jacket stays with you.
I don't know, if that one has a meaning for you or you just don't have
time to give it back, but honestly, I don't even care if that jacket
is with me or besides you.

Deep inside my heart says, it's better for me if that one stays beside
you, no matter you wear it or not.
At least, I don't have to remember our first meeting, when I used to
wear that pick jacket.
And I remember, it was 31st of December, just right before new year.

Shit, why should those memories use to come and filling my mind?
I remember when you were hitting my helmet (well, it obviously yours),
and it was like a bell ringed straight in my head.
Hahahaha, it was funny, wasn't it?

And I remember, that I wa the one who ruined our thing..

I'm sorry..

I didn't mean to do those kind of shit to you.
I just, I was afraid if you left me.
I realize that I've done a bad thing, but believe me, I didn't mean it.

15th of September 2012, right now.
I do the mistake.

I've been reloading those memories, it is a mistake for me, because, I
ain't alone anymore.
I have someone who brighten my day, and by remembering you and our
memories, it'll cause me a trouble.

It looks like when you were angry when I recall my past, but I think
this one is scarier, because she isn't my girlfriend, but she is my
manager, my angle and my lovely wife.
So, will you keep our memories, and lock it down in some secret place?
Please don't let anyone knows.
And be careful, don't let your boy knows about it, either.

And, I loved you, but I love to realize that our thing lets me learn something.
Once more time, do you still like M2M?

"Did I lose my love to someone better. And does he love you like I do,
I do, you know I really really do..."

Sincerely, Me.

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