I Got My Spark Back

My mom told me the key of anything is mastering the basic rules. No matter what we do, as long as we understand and apply the basic in proper way, the gold is around in the corner. Otherwise, my father once told me, if we do something that we like, obstacles looks like challenge, make us one step closer to score a goal. Then, when I looked at my self and asked "what am I best at and what do I enjoy most doing?", and after several minutes my self told me "I'm happy to create something new and extra ordinary". That answer was not very clear, still took a long long way to figure it out, what I am best at.

When I was kid, screw driver is my bestfriend and my father's computer is my mortal enemy. Imagine it, it was in early 90's and I already broke several computers. We weren't a wealthy family, but yes we already had computer back then, and for the record, that computer wasn't suppose to be game console, but my father's tool to make his thesis, so basically it was so important. I lost count for how many computers that I dissembled. Did my parents proud of me that time? Nice question, the answer is obviously NO. I got beaten several times because of it. Weren't they saying as long as I enjoy doing it, it is ok? Well yes, I did, but the thing is, I have no basic knowledge for computer, I just followed hunger of my curiosity. That's why I got beaten. Don't try this at home kid, or even in somebody else home's. You will experience a bad time.

Art is my cup of tea since then. In elementary, I drew tons of pictures in paper and start sticking it in my bedroom wall. it was about 30 pictures that I made, and my favourite was a red sport motorcycle. I dreamt about having one of that someday. Well, 20 years later, I still get nothing, not even close to sport bike. There was a scene, my mom put off my pictures from my gallery (my bedroom wall). I felt so disappointed and betrayed. She said it was messed. For the way of protest, I wrote something in my mom's bedroom wall with a pen. I declared war, and I wanted my pictures back. Just like the sport bike, it has been more than 20 years I never see my master-pieces. Oh yeah, my hand writing in my mom's wall was there for about 10 or 15 years.

It was junior high when I entered an electrical engineering student competition. Long story short, I won, but sadly, none of my parent beat an eye, not at all. Honestly, I wanted to make that moment as a prove that I have something. I just wanted they said "good job son, we proud of you", that's all.

Those sad scene continued until collage. I found my self got stacked in a miserable whole. I did something because I had to, not I wanted to. I felt like I would take my parent suggestion path as my path, but deep inside my heart said the opposite. My turning point is when I read someone's quote, he said "When you start off trying to solve problem, the first solutions you came up with are very complex, and most people stop there. But if you keep going and live with the problem and peel more layer of the onion off, you can oftentimes arrive at some very elegant and simple solutions. Most people just don't put in the time or energy to get there" (newsweek, October 16, 2006).

That was it, I got pain in my ass and I was sick of living under my parents' shadow. I had to create my own path, my own journey.

Since then, I got my spark back. I realized that none can stop me, and I let my passion flies in to the sky. I start following my mind, I won't stop, even though nobody cares nor appreciates what I've done. At that point, I turn my anger into piece of arts, like photograph, paint and writing. And for the record, I've been traveling to tons of places during my study, that's why my score was just so so. Sometimes I think it is a revenge, my denial behaviour of being caged in a box for a long time, but it isn't, this is the way I worth doing (in my opinion).

Since then, and for now on, I've been walking on my own path, the way that my parents disapprove almost all of it. I started my career in photography, teaching and making my own business. I know my parents want me to do as they are, but I can't find the "click thing" in it. Still, I never close my eyes for my parents, deep inside my heart I want to make them happy, in my own way. It is kind of hard, since I know we got different way of approaching . I won't give up my dream and still make my parent happy to have me. If I stop now and back to my old path, it means I'm a big fat looser, but if I continue it, I will be a disrespect son. Well, it takes two tango, indeed. Shit happens, life must go on.

Steve Jobs, the one who said my early quotation also said "Actually, making an insanely great product has a lot to do with the proses of making the product, how you learn things and adopt new ideas and throw out old ideas". It is clear now, I have to stick with my path, for me and my parent.

Well, yeah, Steve Jobs had a lot thing that influence my life. His mind, his creativity and his passion make my day seems brighter. Now I see a long way to make my parent happy in the way I enjoy.

Some people say that I'm quite capable of loosing my mind. They say my wild ideas of creativity will sink me in my illusion. Let me tell you, when Apple computer was created, did anyone realize that It will be a remarkable thing ever? No, they didn't. That's because of they only saw something from the surface, they didn't follow the passion which came along the ideas. They will appreciate you when you deliver something, and that is my job now. I have to make a prove, and let them see what I'm capable of. It isn't an easy mission, it is do or die mission. If I fail, I will disappoint my parent and more over my self. There is no way back, I will finish my task.

Wise man say "make difference or got stucked for the rest of your life".

And that is my story, Steve Jobs influence me to do better.
He helped me find my spark back.

I Love My Friends.. Bazinga!!! I Don't

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state,
Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait...
The Earth began to cool,
The autotrophs began to drool,
Neanderthals developed tools,
We built a wall (we built the pyramids),
Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries,
That all started with the big bang!
(The Big Bang Theory Theme Song)

It is all about The Big Bang Theory Series and my friendship.         

            It has started when a con-artist moved  to an apartment, in Pasadena City, LA, along with two social awkward scientists. From the first time, they realized that their life, I mean, their entire life, will change. The thing is, something that changed, is not always into better shape, it could be worst, just like wise man says, dream may come true, so does the nightmare. Well, this is a life, we have no idea what is going to happen next, but it is funny to carry on our journey, and find out where the faith is taking us.

            The first show was aired in September 24, 2007 and now, after more than 6 years, the show is still on the air. They are DR. Sheldon Lee Cooper, DR. Leonard Hofstader, DR. Rajesh Koothrappali, Astronaut Howard Wolowitz, “free loader” Penny, DR. Bernadette Wolowitz (formerly Rostenkowski), Amy Farrah Fowler as main characters and Stuart Bloom as recurring characters, who in the show after 7 seasons and bring us joy.

            Like what I've said earlier, it started when a girl moved to an apartment, yes, it was Penny and the social awkward scientists are Sheldon and Leonard who share a room and joy and misery and stupid roommate agreements for years. For your information, when you combine the Sheldon and Leonard brains, it could be smarter than Einstein and funnier than Mr. Bean in other side, well, it takes two tangos indeed. I know there are ton of gaps when you compere someone like Penny to those social awkward scientist. Penny is beautiful, kind but she can be mean sometimes and less tacky-tacky, and Leonard is geeky, good looking from far but far from good looking when you stand right in front of his face, and Sheldon either. Well, when you see Sheldon you may miss-recognize him with 3CPO from Star Wars movie, they are look-alike.

            Howard and Bernadette were married because of a pack that Howard and Leonard set years ago. It was a deal that someone got a girlfriend, he has to introduce his friend to hot single chick of his girlfriend's friend. That is funny, Leonard started relationship long before Howard settled the thing down with Bernadette, which is friend of Penny in The Cheese Cake Factory, the place that Penny does for living. None could see the silver line when the guy like Howard got Bernadette. I mean, Howard is a good guy, smart (even he just finish the master degree, not the doctoral yet), but Howard still Howard no matter what, he still live with his mom, cuddling his mom, got the breakfast serve by his mom, and last time I check, his mom does his laundry every time. After marriage, they become Mr. Howard and DR. Bernadette, what a pressure that he gets with more successful wife lays in his arm.

            Do you ever know someone who couldn't speak to women before? Well, I do. Now, please welcome my Indian friend Rajesh Koothrappali a.k.a Raj (now I sound racist). Raj can't speak to women (but he can speak with female animal, I suppose), without alcohol in his blood system. There is a scene when Raj can't stop talking about his super hero character and his sidekick, and the only way to make him stop is by asking a girl stand beside him. Actually, he is really nice person, he trows party all the time, buy expensive stuffs (mostly toys and action figures, a bit useless indeed). Yes, he has deep pocket, real deep. In season 6 finale, he was dumped by a girl name Lucy. Lucy is one of his kind. She is social awkward girl who can't stand for a long time in a crowded place, and luckily (or unfortunately, depend of your point of view) she met Raj. They went steady in library and communicate over the text message only, according to Raj can't say a word in front of women and Lucy is desperate in a crowded place. After couple times they went together, Lucy ended the relationship by an email. Raj was so gloomy and cried in Penny's shoulder. He cried and non stop talking how sad he was without any alcohol product in his hand. Yes, he was speaking to Penny without alcohol, but he didn't see it. Maybe, after got dumped, he become more manly. Speak to the devil, when some people think that it is getting better when he can speak to women, Howard said different thing, he was way better when he couldn't do it. He is annoying now, hitting on a female professor, talk like a love-line guru and the most unbelievable thing is he almost ruins Howard's marriage because he become a better husband than Howard.

            Are you 27 years old boy with two doctoral degree, geeky behavior and still single? Or, are you 27 neurotics female scientist who have been forced to get married or at least has a boy friend every single year? If the answer is “Yes”, you might be the right person to become Sheldon and Amy's stuntman. You know that Sheldon will never touch unhygienic creature in this planet earth, including human, and you will know that it makes him refuse any kind of human contact as well as being in relationship. Do you ever play Scavenger Hunt Game and stuck in the first row, pick a team member? Meet Amy, the one who stuck in first row. Few years ago, Howard and Raj set an online dating profile of Sheldon without his permission. They believe that none will pick Sheldon as a dating partner, but they still wanted to help him. After several time, the profile go buzz by a real girl named Amy Farrah Fowler. Long story short Sheldon and Amy are getting together but the thing is, Sheldon doesn't consider Amy as his girlfriend, and he says “She's a girl and she's my friend, but there's no touching or unsanitary exchange of saliva”. After some episodes, willy-nilly Sheldon and Amy become ShAmy, and they can't deny it anymore, even they have their first kiss. None believe that Sheldon has girlfriend, only their gang who does. Mr and Mrs. Smith, Dan Humphrey and Serena Vander Woodsen, Jack and Rose or even  Romeo and Juliet can't match with their (freaky) relationship. Amy is the only one who can make Sheldon feel sorry and does what she says, and Sheldon is the only one who can make Amy feels lonely without his presence.

            The moral point if this show is about friendship. Take a deep look at Leonard and Sheldon relation for example. When you watch the show, you will notice that Mr. 3CPO is the first person you wan to kick in the ass when you meet. I give you something, there is a common knowledge that you can't sit in Sheldon spot (the left corner of living room's sofa) even you have stick with him for more than five years and share the same bathroom. How ridiculous he is. Another example is Howard and Raj. I couldn't stop laughing when Howard asked Raj came by his home just to checked out his boobies, which is, in his opinion, getting bigger. And as a best friend, Raj came and help his buddy to figured it out. You know what, even Raj had to touch and squeeze Howard boobs to make sure it is getting bigger (the worst thing was Bernadette saw that thing with her own eyes).

            In this life, we have tons of friends but maybe we just have couple group of best friends. Is there any difference between friend and best friend? Let's see, friend just looks like money, they may come and go, we find some but we lost some, that is the way it is. But best friend is a nimble in your face. It brings you shame, pain, and reason to mock you, but you have to deal with it for the rest of your life. However, that little (or maybe a giant spot) mark will give you glory, make you famous and noticeable, and look funny, just like tiny mustache in Charlie Chaplin's face (I said Charlie Chaplin, not Hitler) . That is best friend, sometimes they stand by you, make you strong, be your guardian angel, but must of the time, they bring you pain in the ass, make your life miserable by making you the hot target of bullying.

Do you know how to differentiate friend and best friend? Let's do some drill.

            When a group of friends hangout, in the time to order some meals, they only spend tons of time to decide, and guess what, the will pick the cheapest or the most expensive one. And when one of them doesn't have enough money, he will pick nothing but beverage only. When the others ask “why do you pick that one only?”, he will say “I'm full” or “I'm on diet program” instead of saying “I broke my wallet”. When best friends are warming up the bench, they need a few minute to pick. They will pick the simplest menu on the list. It is not about the meal, but the quality time when they are together, that is the thing. Later on, when the orders come, they (friend only) will play “who pick which one” game. Each of them will face their own menu. Eating time is started, they will ask their friend to give a try on their order, but still, you will shy if you pick each of them, just one for another. That is totally different with best friends, the will let the waiters put all of the orders in the middle. No need to play “who pick which one” game, because they just eat it randomly”, and start digging like a potluck party, none of them monopolized the meal, feel free to pick. Oh almost forgot, the way friend and best friend eat is different too, you know what I mean, aren't you? After spending time, grab a bite, chinny channy chit chat, it is time to take the bill. Here we go the most obvious part. Friend will try to be bossy by saying “let me take the bill, call it my treat”, but best friends do the opposite way. It is a common behavior when they say “happy birthday!! thanks for the meals” to another. Funny, isn't it? I know you've done it too, because, so do I, hehehehe.. And for the end of this scene, friends only will say “that was nice, let's have it another day”, still, no guarantee the will hang out again. Meanwhile, best friends say “damn you guys, you rob me, now I have to live my life as a beggar. No more party!!” and they will get another party next weekend.
            The way you call your friend will decide what kind of relationship that you have. When you call your friend by their real name, it means your friendship is just so so. When you use “dude” or “bro”, well, I guess you've been friend for more than a years. And when you call your friend “dick head”, “freaky jerk”, or their stupid, offensive and inappropriate name such as  “dick head”, “freaky jerk”, or their father's name, it means they are your soul mate, and be ready for the next episode of “why I become their best friend”. One more thing, even though they call you by that name, you won't feel insulted, that's the way we share the intimate friendship. It is similar when they mock you. Do you know that best friends use their left brain to mock each other? Yes, they do. Let's talk about science of a while, left brain has ability to deliver creativity of mocking, if that so, you won't hurt their feeling, instead of make your relationship grows stronger. I have a little thing to share, I was in condition couple years ago when my fiance left me. At that time, my friend said “I'm sorry to hear that, wish you could be strong”, but my best buddy said “so, who the next girl to bang?”. Yeah I know, my friend sounds supportive, and my best friend sounds like a jerk as they use to be. But when you take a deep look, you will spot the different, what my friend said is good, but it just a common expression and has no meaning. While my best friend with his total crap sounds better, he said it because he wouldn't let my drown in my pain.

            Now I believe we are in the same page of friendship. We know how to classify our friend and how to treat them. I wanna say, having best friend is a beautiful thing, we should be happy when we live this life along with them, have them in our back, and you will glad when you hangout with them, discussing unimportant thing that cross your mind.

Best friends are people you know.

You don't need to talk every single day.

You don't even need to talk to each other every weeks.

But when you do, it's like you never stopped talking.

            Oh ya, one more thing, friend will ask you before borrowing your stuff, and give it back just like what they said, but best friend will consider your shit as well as theirs, and you can find tons of your stuff in his room with no guilt at all. I just remember my camera lays down in my best buddy's garage.

Thanks for reading my shit, and I'm sorry for using impolite words, that is how I write my stuff.

Itu Pengemis atau Penyalur Bantuan?

Siang hari, minggu lalu, di rumah, seorang bapak bapak pakaian rapi batik bawa map datang (selanjutnya kita sebut "BB" bapak batik). Gue, remaja dewasa ganteng yang selanjutnya kita sebut "SG" si ganteng.
BB           : Permisi pak, kami dari blablabla mau mengajukan proposal sumbangan untuk korban                      banjir di daerah P. (kata dia sambil nyodorin map proposal)
SG          : Oh iya. (gue baca proposalnya)
BB           :  Kami sudah keliling mengumpulkan dana sumbangan pak, ini untuk dana                                            kemanusiaan.
SG          : Iya, iya. Nanti di salurkannya dalam bentuk apa ya pak? (masih kondisi baca)
BB           : Nanti kami salurkan dananya langsung ke korban bencana pak. Tadi kami sudah dari                       gang belakang.
SG          : (setelah baca) Sudah menemui Pak RT, pak?
Ada yang aneh dari proposalnya, selain ga berbadan hukum, juga ga ada kop surat sama stempel resminya, gue udah skeptis dan naruh curiga.
BB           : Sudah pak, tadi Pak RT sudah kasih ijin dan disuruh langsung ke rumah rumah warga,                     jadinya saya langsung keliling. Itu di halaman belakang ada daftar warga yang sudah                   ngasih sumbangan.
SG          : Iya.
Gue buka halaman belakang dan nemu keanehan lagi, namanya asing dan beberapa ga gue kenal. Selain itu, tulisannya jelek dan satu dengan lainnya setipe. Apa ini beneran warga sini ya? kok gue sangsi gitu.
SG          : Tadi ke rumah Pak RT ya pak? Rumahnya yang mana?
BB           : Itu tadi pak di gang belakang, sudah ketemu dan dapat ijin. (sambil nunjik arah selatan)
SG          : He? serius? (gue agak nyinyir)
BB           : Lha ya serius tho pak, masak buat dana kemanusiaan saya bohong. (dia agak emosi)
SG          : Lha, setau saya, rumah pak RT itu di sana (gue nunjuk arah timur)
BB           : Ya ga tau pak, tadi saya sudah ke Pak RT dan dikasih ijin kok. (makin muntab ini si dia)
Aneh deh, gue udah lama tinggal di sini, dan gue yakin banget kalo Pak RT itu Mas Yono yang tinggalnya di sisi sebelah timur. Lha ini orang ketemu RT mana? Apa dia datang dari masa lalu pake mesin waktu dan minta ijin sama Pak RT periode lalu ya? Ngaco nih ni orang.
SG          : Bapak ke Pak RT yang beneran dulu, habis itu silahkan balik ke sini lagi.
BB           : (nada marah) Bapak ini gimana tho? Wong saya sudah ke Pak RT masak disuruh ke sana                lagi? Kalo ga ikhlas buat ngasih sumbangan ya udah bilang aja ga mau ngasih, ga usah                              suruh saya bolak balik.
SG          : Lho kalo bapak memang sudah ada ijin dari Pak RT ya saya mau kasih, lha ini bapak aja                   belum ke Pak RT. Kan di sini ada aturannya pak, ga bisa seenaknya datangin warga buat      minta sumbangan.
BB           : Yo wis kalo bapak ga mau kasih, masih banyak dermawan yang mau kok. Bapak itu ga                     punya rasa kemanusiaan, buat menolong aja ribet.
Lha ini kenapa gue kena semprot? Pake bilang ga punya rasa kemanusiaan lah.
BB           : Bapak jangan kira saya nipu ya? Saya tau agama pak, saya ga bakal mempermainkan                       sumbangan bencana gini.
SG          : Lho, saya ndak bilang bapak nipu, saya cuman tanya, sudah ke Pak RT belum, ternyata                                   bapak belum ke sana tho, mungkin bapak ke sekertaris RT, bukan ke Pak RTnya, kalo                     sudah ke Pak RT nanti dikasih semacam surat kuasa buat minta sumbangan.
BB           : Halah yo ngene iki sing blablablablabla.. (dia emosi dan ngomong pake bahawa jawa)
BB           : Ingat karma ya pak, Tuhan tidak tidur! (ngancem sambil ngeloyor pergi)
Gue hanya senyum dan masuk rumah.

Dari peristiwa itu bukannya gue ga berperikemanusiaan, gue cuman tanya dia udah ke Pak RT belum, eh malah dia nyolot dan bawa bawa kemanusiaan lah, agama lah.
Memang sih sedari baca proposalnya gue udah naruh curiga, pasti ada yang ga beres, ada beberapa hal janggal seperti yang udah gue jelasin di atas.
Aneh ya, kenapa kalo memang dia niat nyari sumbangan kok ga pake birokrasi yang bener, kan udah ada aturannya. Kalo birokrasinya ga bener ya gini deh jadinya, dikira penipu. Padahal kalo udah ada ijin malah enak dan gampang lho, dia ga perlu datang ke rumah rumah, tinggal minta tolong Pak RT ngumpulin warganya, terus dia menjelaskan maksud kedatangannya. Semua jadi lancar kan, toh dia bakal nyampaiin itu di hadapan warga langsung dan di depan perangkat RT juga.

Memang sih, kalo kondisi terjepit, birokrasi bisa sejenak diabaikan. Gue juga tau bencana itu kondisi darurat yang ga bisa menunggu. Kita harus bertindak secepat mungkin. Masalahnya, belakangan ini banyak yang meminta sumbangan atas nama bencana, tapi hasil sumbangannya lari entah ke mana. Itu lah yang membuat gue waspada terhadap peminta sumbangan. Gue ga bilang kalo peminta sumbangan itu penipu, cuman gue rasa ada yang ga beres dari dia.

Bukannya gue ber-negatif thinking, cuman gue mau tau kejelasannya. Mungkin orang bakal bilang, kalo mau ngasih ya udah ngasih aja, yang penting niatnya membantu dengan ikhlas, perkara penyalurannya bener atau enggak, itu urusan si penyalurnya, kan niat baik udah dicatat sebagai pahala. Emang sih teorinya seperti itu, tapi kan kita manusia biasa, misal kita tau sumbangan yang kita kasih secara ikhlas ternyata ga disalurkan dengan semestinya, pasti kita bakal "nggerundel" juga di belakang, dan kalo udah gitu malah jatuhnya ga baik, ke depannya kita bakal ber-negatif thinking ria sama orang orang yang minta sumbangan.

Selain yang datang ke rumah tanpa keterangan dan ijin jelas, dan datang pasang muka melas, gue juga kurang suka dan waspada sama yang minta sumbangan di jalan jalan bawa kotak kardus. Mereka datang keroyokan di lampu merah, ga takut mati ketabrak dan dengan ga jelasnya nyamperin pengendara yang berhenti di lampu merah. Selain minta langsung ada juga yang pake ngamen. Ngamen kemanusiaan gitu judulnya. Iya, gue tau niat (sebagian dari) mereka baik, tapi caranya yang kurang tepat, ga efektif dan kesannya terlalu sporadis tanpa kejelasan. Dan ironisnya, yang ngelakuin itu bukan hanya dari lembaga lembaga "abu abu", melainkan juga ada dari mahasiswa. Ini agak aneh kalo kata gue (nyonyah juga bilang aneh), kalo kata gue, misal dari mahasiswa kampus gitu lha mbokya bikin posko aja dan perwakilan dari BEM yang meng-handle itu. Kan kelihatan rapi dan tersistim jadinya.

Oh ya, gue ada pengalaman aneh juga, pernah suatu kali lagi makan di warung gitu, disamperin sama sekumpulan orang yang mengatasnamakan lembaga penyalur bantuan. Ayo lah, kami di situ pengen menikmati makanan, kalo mereka nyari sumbangan dengan cara itu, kesannya malah kayak pengamen. Ga jauh beda, minta minta di tempat umum.

Selain cara di atas, ada lagi cara yang keren, dengan memanfaatkan teknologi. Ya, sekarang ini udah umum banget menggalang bantuan via broadcast message. Tulis kalimat terus disebar ke seluruh kontaknya. Cukup efektif kalo misal dilakukan dengan benar, dilakukan dengan prosedur dan mencantumkan kejelasan serta landasan yang benar. Tapi kadang hal ini juga bisa bikin gue jengah. Broadcastnya ga tau aturan, nyebar berkali kali dengan isi yang sama, terus juga misalkan kita ga kasih atau sudah kasih tapi lewat lembaga lain, ada yang sampe ngejar dan nge-PM bilang "ga mau bantu nih buat kemanusiaan?". Sesuasu (maaf) sekali kalo kata gue. Udah nge-flood, pake bilang gitu pula. Keterlaluan dan ga jauh beda sama pengemis.

Terus gimana dong sikap kita kalo ada bencana? Apa kita musti bantu? Bantunya gimana dong?
Well, itu termasuk pertanyaan retoris, ya jelas kita musti bantu, nah yang jadi pembahasan adalah, dengan apa dan gimana kita bantunya?

Di kondisi ini, yang membantu bukan hanya orang yang berfinansial kuat aja, setiap orang seyogyanya ikut membantu, meringankan beban saudaranya. Membantu bukan berarti harus dengan uang atau barang kok, bisa dengan tenaga, pikiran dan juga doa. Yang terpenting di sini, kita memberi itu untuk membantu, bukan sebagai pencitraan belaka, dan dalam memberi untuk membantu itu kuncinya ikhlas.
Ada yang bilang "lebih simpel bantu uang, daripada kita ribet ngasih barang".

Kalo gitu ceritanya, lebih baik jangan membantu dulu, secara ada perkataan gini "kita bisa membantu seseorang tapi jangan sampai membuat kita jadi terbebani". Kalo misal kita merasa kerepotan ya bantu dengan hal yang simpel. Dalam hal ini uang jadi solusi bantuan yang praktis. Tapi, alangkah baiknya kalo ngasih sesuatu yang benar benar mereka butuhkan. Sebagai contoh, misal bencana banjir, daripada uang, ya mending kita kasih barang, karena pada situasi seperti itu, uang bukan sesuatu yang urgent, mereka lebih butuh kebutuhan harian, seperti makanana, pakaian, tempat tinggal sementara, selimut serta alas tidur, obat obatan bahkan pembalut dan susu bayi.

Coba bayangin misal kita kasih sumbangan berupa uang, lha buat apa coba? Masak yo nanti bakal ada yang jualan di sana? Kok tragis banget pas ada saudaranya kesusahan malah memnafaatkan peluang buat bisnis di situ. Kejam kalo kata gue.

Satu hal dari gue, membantu dan meringankan beban itu bukan hanya ketika ada bencana. Ayo coba lebih peka lagi dengan keadaan di sekitar kita, apa masih ada tetangga kita yang kesusahan hidupnya? Apa kita tau ada panti asuhan yang terancam tutup karena ga bisa memenuhi biaya kebutuhan pokok adek adek kita di sana? Bagi kawan kawan yang seorang guru, ayo lebih dekat dengan murid kita, apa ada yang masih merasa terbebani oleh biaya sekolah dan buku pelajaran? Mari bersama saling meringankan beban. Kita ga bisa hidup sendirian di dunia ini, sekarang kita menolong, suatu saat kita juga butuh pertolongan dari mereka.

Untuk membantu, itu kembali ke niat masing masing. Kalau kita merasa bimbang dan kurang percaya pada lembaga tertentu, ya pilihlah yang sudah benar benar kita percaya. Tuhan ga menghitung apa yang kita berikan maupun siapa penyalurnya, tapi seberapa ikhlas niat kita untuk meringankan beban saudara kita yang sedang diuji.

Ok, sudah dulu nulisnya, mari kembali memantau pencitraan arah angin dan curah hujan untuk daerah Pati dan sekitarnya. Ini juga termasuk membantu lho.. (masih menjadi relawan)

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