I'm Moslem but I ain't Gonna Suck The Blood

Check the picture above out, guys..
I'm a moslem, but I dunno what to say, as a moslem, I won't drink
someone's blood.
That's "yuck" and of course forbidden.

Months ago, I posted about a group of people of religion that wanted
to ruin Lady Gaga's concert in Indonesia.
This time, I'm gonna posted another absurd mind of those people..

Guys, I believe that you ever watch Twilight Movie, Under World,
Resident Evil, and you know what kind of creature they are.
A vampire, dracula, zombie, monster and another blood sucker..
The thing is, all of them are just a movie character, they are unreal,
at least for most of people think that they just a myth.

But this time, I'm gonna present you the real blood sucker..
Here we go, please welcome..
The most famous group of people of religion in Indonesia..

Don't be shock or choke up guys..
That's real, they aren't just a movie character, they are very much real..

Well, the blood sucker action is triggered by a movie, called
"Innocence of Muslims".
I have no idea about that movie, the thing that I know is, the creator
is Nakoula Basseley and it was insulting Moslems by mocking Rasul, or
something like that..

As a moslems, we are angry because of that movie, so obviously.
And as a moslems, we have to make a move to protest it.
But, if we take a blood sucker action as a revenge, that's too much.
Let's we take it back in time, when Rasul make a move to leave the
"jahiliyah era" to the modern and smartness era.
And believe me, sucking somebody's blood is look like jahiliyah era, so uncool..
Moreover, that's the funniest idea that I ever hear so far.
So ridiculous..

They think, they are representing Rasul, and they have right to do
anything to someone else.
They are..
Ah, I dunno, I can't follow their view..
So absurd..

Well, let's carry on to the next part, I'm sick of talking about blood
sucker, I'm done..

Take a look guys..

They said, the government have to deport the American ambassador and
to call of the diplomatic relationship between Indonesia and America.

Let's see..

So, can you imagine if we cut it off??

I wanna say, even though we are in a bad position, in this case, our
Rasul was insulted, we have to think clearly, we have to take an
action, but the anarchy one is not the answer.
By cutting off the deplomatic relationship, we will got a bad time.

Like Mr. Suryadharma Ali said, "I suggest to Moslem in Indonesia won't
give a exaggerated response. The violence in the name of anything,
including religion and against anyone and by anyone is not justified".

Let's do it in the right way..
No more anarchy or violence..


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One Response to “I'm Moslem but I ain't Gonna Suck The Blood”

Olieva Nm said...

they're like drakuli (yusuf's kebaya).. it's so disjustin'
they are too lebay..