The Suitable One

Guys, let me ask you, which one is more expensive, a paddle or
personal computer?
Personal computer of course.

But, which one is more important when we have a sail by boat?
The expensive one or the suitable one?

We can't rowing a boat by using personal computer, can us?

So, my point is, the expensive one, or the best one, may be not the
one that you need to do something.

I got a story, real one.
I know someone, who always use the best shit to do something, even
though that wasn't the suitable one.
And guess what, the wrong choice that he picked, mostly, drove him
crazy and made him suffer.

The first time, I just hold my laugh tight.
The second one, I couldn't handle it, LOL..
The third, I realize, his suffer time ruin my condition too.
What the heck..

You know what, I got a bad time because of him.
He can manage or handle something properly and wisely, he just picked
something that he thinks the best shit that he has.

Hell ya..
I have to redo my job just for covering his mistake..
Wrong choice, wrong decision and of course give him wrong and stupid result..
Even worse, main too.
I got shit of work because of him..

For our good sake, I ain't gonna give you the real stuff that he took.
So obvious.

And the thing is, use something just like what that shit was made for..
Expensive, the best quality but useless is useless.
Cheap, common quality but useful is useful.
Expensive, the best quality and useful is the best choice..

Sleep on it guys, and you'll realize my point..

Hasta lavista..

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