There is a time, for me to recall my memories.
The extra ordinary one..

There is a time, for me to retell my memories.
The memorable one.

There is a time, for me to reload you.
The one who stayed here, long long time ago.

The time, when I feel, got no power, no strength, nothing, I take
those memories back and put it in my mind.
Well, it doesn't mean that I wanna make it happens one more time, (the
truth is yes I am, I wanna make it up with you, but it was years ago),
I just need to recall my spirits, my "me and myself".

It means nothing, no more than a time for me to regain my spirits back..

It means a lot, because there was a story on those memories that makes
me stronger.

Now, this is it, the time for me to reload for regaining my spirits..

Yeah, I am, I do, I think about something in the past, I do it for
sure, that's because there isn't any shit here that could give my way

Right now, the only thing I need is become "the true me", and the only
one to got it is to be selfish for awhile.

For now on, to the unexpected time, I would say "Move on? Fuck that
shit, I'm gonna play my past story".

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