Love From Moeslem Perspective Part 1-The Definition


The children of Adam are limbs of one body
Having been created of one essence.
When the calamity of time afflicts one limb
The other limbs cannot remain at rest.
If you have no sympathy for the troubles of others
You are not worthy to be called by the name of "man"

Today, I wanna share about Love...
What kind of Love that will we share???
I wanna share about love from Moeslem perspective.
Love, Love isn't about money, sex or another material, but love need money, material for life and sex sometimes.
The ugly truth, sex is different with love, and love isn't sex.
Sex is a part of love, which is come to us after we reach the final stage of love, “Munakahat”...

Guess what, love may change a face to the other face.
Love may change the health person to the sick one.
Love may change king to a beggar.
And the worst is, Love may change an obesity become anoreksia or bulimia.
What do you think now?
How come that shit happen?
Because of, love which is unrepresenting by Alloh, whitout ridhlo of Alloh...

In other side, Jallaludin Rumi (sufism and writer) said that, love can make iron become leather, angry become happily, jail become palace, destroy the rock, rebellion person from the death...
The same question, how come?
The answer is true love, Love because Alloh love it too...
Love which is full of ridhlo Alloh...

Love, do you know the meaning of that word?
I picked it from
Love is any of a number of emotions related to a sense of strong affection and attachment. The word love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure ("I loved that meal") to intense interpersonal attraction ("I love my wife"). This diversity of uses and meanings, combined with the complexity of the feelings involved, makes love unusually difficult to consistently define, even compared to other emotional states.

Got the point?
I'll give you the simple way to understand.
In that description, love explains by a feeling to another thing, different thing with the other.
For example, you have 2 pairs of shoes, you like both of them, but you prefer to take the pink one then the blue one.
Thats called you love in the pink shoes.
Next, you have a lot of friend in your collage, but only one boy or girl can make your heart stop beating when you meet him or her. Make your sweat comes like a wave in the middle of ocean when he or she call your name, or make your body freeze for 5 seconds when he or she shake your hand.
Guess what, yeah, thats love, guys...

I've tell you bout love from universe side above, now, I'll explain about love from Moeslem perspective...
Check this explanation out..

You, me , they and us have a law to move on this world.
Yeah, for Moeslem likes us, have a law which is written on AlQuran and AlHaddist.
Honestly, not only law, but also walktrough, guardian, description and all things about life and after life.

Rasulullah said that “man ahabba syai'an katsura dzikruhu”, if some one love somebody, he or she will always remember the name of someone that he or she falling love with.
Beside that, Rasulullah also said that “man ahabba syai'an fa huwa `abduhu”, you'll be a slave for someone that you falling love with.

AlQuran has atleast 8 definition of love.
Lets continue this journey to reach the meaning of love from Moeslem Perspective.

1. Mahabah wal mawaddah a.k.a Fully Loves.
Kind of love which have characteristic like passionate enthusiasm love, always wanna beside someone beloved, always wanted to quench the thirst of love and she or he will “die” if separated from beloved in a long time.
Every side of his or her mind is full of “beloved”, insane love, indeed..
You are insane, because the person that you love." In fact the blind love was worse than crazy. "People cannot be taken account of that love is blind, was a madman might lay helpless

2. Mahabah wal rohmah a.k.a Gracefully Loves.
“Dzawi al Arham”, those people who have a pure love. That is the definition of Mahabah wal rohmah. Love between husband and wife is the example of Mahabah wal rohmah.
We can find this kind of love in our family member.
Love each other without expecting replies, always faithful and always make up of good relationship or silaturahim are the characteristic of Mahabah wal rohmah.
Abdur-Rahman bin auf from Rasulullah of Allah said: "Alloh Almighty says:" I am Alloh, I Ar-Rahman, I created the uterus, the word comes from one of My Name (Alloh). Anyone who connects the uterus (friendship) and I will connect, but who decided that the uterus (friendship) then I will decide "(Abu Daud and Tirmizi, a hasan hadist)

3. Mahabah wal mail a.k.a Temporary Loves.
Have you beloved when you were a young boy?
I called it, “teenage love” or Indonesian called it “cinta monyet”.
“An tamilu kulla al mail”, love for the young and tend to ignore the past.
Have you did it??
Ughh,,,, guess what, I did it..
Characteristic features of the temporary loves are thinking about his own pleasure, infrequently thinking of his or her beloved, selfish and emotional, when facing a small problem immediately shaken then they break the relationship.

4. Mahabah wal Shobwah a.k.a Blind loves.
Rasulullah said, "Love on something makes you blind and deaf." (HR Abu Dawud and Ahmad)
You have being a Love Warrior, haven't you? Someone who fight for reach or get his or her beloved no matter it takes?
Do anything for holding your beloved even you know if you do the wrong thing.
Whatever is good or bad. Most importantly is that it has loved as well, don't you think to know the nature of the original. Only the appearance that has value.
"Someone in line and has the same believe with close friends, you must be careful in choosing a loyal friend." (HR by Ahmad)
Rasulullah said, "Your friend is like a perfume salesman who works. If he does not give you perfume, you'll smell it. While accompanying a bad friend is like a blacksmith craftsman. If you do not lick the fire, you will be exposed to smoke." (HR . Bukhari)
So, leave that foolish love, guys...

5. Mahabah wal Syag'af a.k.a Compassion Loves.
This love is very deep, natural, original and intoxicating. The person who attacked you syaghaf (qad syaghafaha Hubba) can be like a madman, forget yourself and almost did not realize what was done. AlQuran uses the term syaghaf for the story about how to love, the wife of the Egyptian authorities, Zulaikha to his servant, Yusuf As.

6. Mahabah wal ra'fah a.k.a Wrong Loves.
One day, Yuna lied to her mother. She said that she had gone to the library. Well, in fact she went with her boyfriend to the park.
Yuna did it to protect her lover so that not being scolded by her mother.
AlQuran has explained that lying is a sin but she still did it because of love for her boyfriend.
This love causes people to not enforce the law Alloh.

7. Mahabah wal Syauq a.k.a Love while missing somebody.
Ibn al Qayyim al Jauzi wrote on Raudlat al Muhibbin wa Nuzhat al Musytaqin if “Syauq safar al qalb ila al mahbub hurqat al mahabbah wa il tihab naruha fi qalb al muhibbi”.
Yearning is a perspective of the heart for the lover and the flame of love in the hearts of lover.
For example if we miss Alloh, we should dzikir to remember Alloh again.
“wa as'aluka ladzzata an nadzori ila wajhika wa as syauqa ila liqa'ika”, I hope for you so I can enjoy watching Your (Alloh) face and the pleasure of longing to meet you (Alloh).
This kind of love is dedicated for Alloh Almighty.

8. Mahabah wal Kulfah a.k.a
feelings of love, accompanied by education awareness to the things that positive though difficult, as parents who send their children swept, cleaned their own rooms, although no accomplice. This type of love known as the AlQuran states that Alloh burdens not a person except according to his ability, la yukallifullah nafsan illa wus`aha.

I finished explaining the definition of love from AlQuran.
I'm not the perfect guy, so If you find mistakes in my explanation above, please contact me and give me a advice to make it better..
Guys, thanks for reading this stuff.
Remember, it just a part of my dwilogy...
So, check this blog later to find the other part of “Love From Moeslem Perspective”.
Hopely, this article will help us to improve our Iman for Alloh.

Bye, Chuikk....


NB: Thanks to Alloh Almighty, Rasululloh, My Family, Ustadz Saiful, Yasinta Mila Shani, Neng Iyunk, Yaya and Mas Agussyafii on for the source and idea so I can finished this article.
Sun, I made it...

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