Hijab Photo Blogging (unsuccess)

Fashion blogging?
What the heck is that??
Blogging about fashion?

Well, honestly, i have no idea about that, but i have a hand to put if we talk about fashion.
I mean, a piece of my artwork is about fashion.
I'm a photographer, I do fashion photoshot, and I'd been asked to do a fashion photoshot for fashion blog.

One day, my friend Yoshiva (she is a dj in local radio station) called me and asked about photoshot.
She told me the she wanted to make a hijab fashion blogger.
Well, i never done it before, so I said yes to her.

In the D-day, when I did it, I just realize that a photoshot for fashion blogging is different with modeling, I mean, in this case we concern about the dress, the fashion it self, mostly, I concern about the pose, face and angle.
I said “This is new to me”.
Well, we are, as photographer, a problem solver.
So, no matter what, the show must keep going.

To understand what she wanted in this photoshot, I asked her, what is the point of fashion blogging.
She told me “it's all about how to make our hijab looks modern. How to describe a Muslim style and show to the world that we can make it become a beautiful dress-code without disobey the rule”.

Well, impressive, sometimes, a hijab tutorial just for in a studio photoshot, but we can't use it in daily life, but, by this theme, she wants to make it real.

Blog as a powerful media to spread the news up quickly.
We may use blog as a “sharing stuff”, and sell something, but in this case, blog uses for showing the style.

I ever visited a blog consist of fashion stuff, and you know what, it's all about sexy stuff, I'm talking about mini skirt, hotpants, you can see dress, sport bra etc.
In this country, we may not allowed to use those kind of stuffs in daily life, just in a studio, for photoshot only.

But the thing is, it's been a year that she asked me the photoshot, that fashion blog isn't published yet.
Well, have no idea what happen, but still, that was brilliant..
Make blog as a fashion directory is really something..

Unlucky me, I haven't the copy of my photoshot with Yoshiva.

How pity I am..

Hastalavista, guys..

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