The Orientation -episode 2, you make me fly-

June, 23rd, 2007. Central park.

Fernando : I don’t think if all of this shit will be alright. We’ve done a horrible think you know..

Alejandro : Indeed... But I just wanna tell you, I love you, and I’ll beside you all the time to fight with this mess..

Fernando : Oh, you always make me fly.. --> blush

Alejandro : Yeah...

[both of them are hugging]

Fernando : Emmm.... Honey, I’m not ready to tell my mom about us, yet..

Alejandro : It’s ok, dear.. The only thing that you need is wait for the perfect time to tell your mom.. Not now and don’t be in hurry.. Trust me, she will understand...

Fernando : Oh... Thanks, honey.. That’s why I love you...

[they kiss each other, ughhh]

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