Early Age Marriage

Early Age Marriage

Definition of marriage
A moment of celebrating and milestone of being united to a person of (mostly) opposite gender and pronounce as husband and wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law and religion.

Definition of an early age marriage
An act of marrying that happened by a person (or both of them) in range before 20 years old.

As a human being, we will think about growing older, earning money, finding our beloved and of course getting married. For some people getting married is the main purpose of life, but the other side, happily is more important than getting married. Well, married is a choice and right, but happily is a must.

Getting married by someone is a big deal, more over for someone in the age before 20, of course it would be a huge struggle and decision. It cost lots of thing to think and it is not as simple as flip your hand upside down. Getting married in early age means you have to manage your life early and you have to be ready with marriage problems, such as financial problem, family problem, children problem and your future it self. It also means that you have to arrange your foundation of marriage in short amount of time.

In the past, our country as a third worlds country, an early age marriage is a common. In some conditions, there is a culture that force you to get married in early age. In the same reason, there is a culture which said “someone won't be called as a success person if they don't get married in early age, but it is uncommon now, just a few people who obey those rules. Parent would force their daughter to get married as soon as possible, or as soon as there is a prince charming who rides the white shiny horse comes to purpose her. But, as the time goes by, an early age marriage is an old fashion thing, people will concern to get married after they can settle their foundation down. They won't be bothered by age, because they think, that will be useless if you already get married but you cant fulfill your family needs and you are dying with this situation and it can be add problems for parent. Moreover, as a youth, the boy, mostly doesn't prepared by good ability to do a job for earning money to run his family.

Some people said say, marriage in early age will prevent the bad effect of social lifestyle in modern era, about free sex. Well, maybe that's true, but not totally true, because there are so many better way to prevent it, such as by giving sex education, holding a seminar of the disadvantages of free sex, fix the teenager morality and concern. The truth is, if people know about law, and applied it in the wrong way, an early age marriage can be “a way” to do legal free sex in youth. It happens, this one is real, for example they get married in early age because they can't hold their desire, after a moment, they will get divorce and be a single. We can't categorize it as a free sex, but it is, in a legal way. The ugly truth, it is getting worse to get an early age marriage.

The problem of an early age marriage in social life viewpoint is the changing role that happens to married couple. They will not find the flexibility of someone single and available, because now they are bound by the role as a husband and wife. In this case, they will feel that a lot of thing is changing, they can't be like someone previously, there will be a border even though they are hanging out with their friends who has similar age. Getting married in early age means they have to sacrifice their common life, such as education program. As a youth, education is important because it is a bridge to get a better future. No formal education means no certificate, no certificate means no admission, no admission means hard to get a decent job. As a couple who getting married in early they will get new problems, and frankly, those problems will interfere their education.

In medical viewpoint, this case may add the risk of mortality. In early age, the risk of cervical cancer is high, because, the genital of girls still fragile. Fragile means that spot is easy to broke because there is a transition from youth cell form in to adult cell form. Pregnancy in early age will cause a trouble for the baby and the mother it self. Deformed babies (including the mentality deformed or physical disability) often occurs because of the mother has lack of knowledge of how to keep her pregnancy healthy. Of course this is a serious problem.

  • You'll get a kids that got a proportional age which is got a not really long difference amount.
  • You can raise your kids properly, because you got them when you are in productive age term.
  • Prevent of free sex in teenager.
  • To drill ourselves to be independent and responsible since early age.

  • Short time of preparation.
  • The health of you and your baby.
  • The psychology of you and your parent.
  • You will lost your teenage moment (including the education).
  • Hard to take control the individual ego.
  • Harder to settle the financial stuff.

Do it when
  • You are ready to get married
  • There are special conditions that cause you to get married as soon as possible.

Don't do it when
  • You are not ready to get married yet (because of many factors).
  • Your couple is not ready to get married yet.

Basically, marriage is a good and sacred thing. Getting married in early age is not a bad thing, but it has a lot of factors to consider. There are so many disadvantages point of getting married in early age, indeed, but as long as we keep thinking and struggling in positive path, and got prepared well, happines will be achieved. Maturity within a household can minimize problems that may occur due to an early age marriage. Finally, with decent preparation, a happily ever after family is just around the corner.

Perdana, Rossy.


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