The Art of Finger and Eye

Camera and all of these shits are just a tool..
It doesn't matter how expensive your shits are, how big your camera, or anything else.
But yes, the more expensive tools be able to produce better image than the cheaper one..
That's because, the expensive one has more ability to do something.
And how could it be, The Master of Photographer, anyone who knows about taking picture or capture a moment says that "tool is just a tool, the most important thing is man behind the gun"??
How can it be?
Simple answer, if someone who grabs that shit doesn't know how to use or utilize the weapon, it just piece of shit, no more.
But if someone has ability of it and holding a cheapo tools, it can be the secret weapon to draw the shine..
So the point is, above all, the man behind gun's ability is the most important thing that supported by piece of glasses or the other equipment..
The art of finger and eye..

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outbound training di malang said...

kunjungan ..
salam sukses selalu ..:)